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New NAPC Logo_edited.jpg
New NAPC Logo_edited.jpg

NAPC Defense 

NAPC is a dynamic Veteran owned small business, with vast resources in defense articles and construction services. Our portfolio is well suited to deliver in the following focus areas:

  • Small Arms Weapons,

  • Ammunition,

  • Visual Augmentation,

  • Jamming Equipment,

  • NIJ Certified Body Armor

  • Cornershot, 

  • Zero Click

Our Team 

​Our team has 100+ years’ experience in the defense industry & international arms deals and would be honored to be a part of your supplier base and provide you with rapid delivery and unmatched service. NAPC, established in 2015, is a stable, profitable entity focused primarily in government contracts with existing licenses that allow it to bid and win contracts in the Defense, Munitions, and Construction industry. Another NAPC area of expertise is brokering of munitions and military hardware already produced and in inventory at various locations worldwide, NAPC is brokering multiple munitions and military hardware items that are of interest to Allied and NATO forces in the Ukraine and the Middle East, which also require U.S. State Department approval. The inventory of these items is constantly changing.

Napc Defense is currently trading under ticker symbol BLIS.
For more information please message us.
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